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The Speaker Success Kit is designed to teach you how to use your powerful voice to change lives and inspire others through transformational public speaking -- even if you have little-to-no experience.

Grab the Proven Method for developing your stage performance technique, so you can become a life-changing transformational public speaker and go from inexperienced to center stage!

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What Does It Really Take to Change Lives As a Public Speaker?

  • The desire to become a successful speaker is one of those unique, irrevocable passions in life. Whether it’s at the front of a classroom speaking to your students, across the table in the boardroom speaking to your colleagues, or from a big arena stage inspiring thousands with your powerful message…

Once you’ve gotten the taste of how you can impact the lives of others by simply speaking, it can be hard to imagine being fulfilled by any other career.

You love the idea of:

  • Sharing stories that touch hearts, change lives for the better, and inspire change.
  • Capturing the gaze of teary-eyed listeners.
  • Taking your dream stage, equipped with abundant charisma and confidence.
  • Being the voice of change for impact at home, work, and in your community

"Hiring Tricia was the best decision I ever made."

She’s a master at supporting, guiding and directing speakers in all aspects of their presentation. Tricia not only teaches the tools and techniques of writing and delivering a standing ovation worthy talk, she goes deep in assisting you prepare, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, right down to your wardrobe! Tricia makes what can be a very stressful event pleasurable, and that is priceless!

Preparing to give a Big Talk is not a walk in the park, especially as a fairly new speaker. However, I walked onto the stage feeling incredibly confident and poised, and delivered a powerful talk that ended with receiving a standing ovation!

This was all the result of being mentored by Tricia Brouk. Hiring Tricia was the best decision I ever made. I wouldn’t consider taking any big stages without working with her."

Keiya Rayne
Intuitive Healer, TEDxFarmingdale Speaker & Relationship Expert

...But you have a problem - a few problems, actually.

Problem #1: Any time you’ve had a chance to speak in the past, you’ve...

Turned it down, because you had no idea how to prepare.

Battled with nerves the entire time, wishing you could disappear.

Said, yes, started out excited about sharing your story and then fizzled out.

Come off stage feeling like you could have done better—or even worse, like you just wasted your audience’s time.

Problem #2: Like so many aspiring speakers, you want with all your heart to give talks that can touch the hearts of others…

...But trying to figure out how to level up from ‘good speaker’ to ‘life-changing speaker’ has proven so far to be...

Confusing where do people go for that sort of guidance?

Inaccessible depending on location, finding a high-quality coach may or may not even be a realistic option.

Expensive talented speaking coaches don’t come cheap!

Problem #3: You have a lot of preconceived notions about what it takes to be a great speaker—and it’s all stuff you don’t have. For Example...

An Advanced Degree

A Best-Selling Book

A Perfectly Polished Speech

(Good news--you don’t need any of that stuff! Keep reading to learn what you DO need.)

I'm Ready to Inspire Others

How can aspiring speakers—even those with little-to-no experience—learn to become life-changing public speakers?

  • Here’s the key—contrary to popular belief, delivering better talks is less about crafting a polished speech or getting fancy qualifications… And more about mastering the art of giving a great performance. The SECRET? All you REALLY need to change lives as a public speaker is:
  • Performance Skills
  • Technique
  • Willingness to Put in the Work
I’m Ready to Become An Amazing Public Speaker!

Have You Ever...

  • Struggled with serious stage fright or anxiety?

  • Fallen on your face during previous speaking attempts?

  • Been too afraid to actually take a stage before now?

  • Given talks that could’ve put an insomniac to sleep?

  • Bounced back and forth between wanting to become a great speaker and being TERRIFIED of putting yourself and your story out there?

If So, Take a Deep Breath—You’re Not Alone!

In fact, I’m willing to bet some of the speakers and even award-winning actors you know and love have wrestled with those same feelings and fears. (I should know—I’ve personally worked with many of them! A-list names like Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon, Steve Buscemi, Kelly Reilly...and the list goes on!)

If you’re anything like some of the incredible talents I’ve coached,

you’re probably thinking something like this:

  • I can’t do this because other people are already talking about my idea. 
  • No one’s going to care what I bring to the table.
  • My personal story isn’t interesting enough to turn into a speech

"Public speaking is something that has terrified me for as long as I can remember and with Tricia’s help and with the help of this amazing group of people here, I’m slowly but surely overcoming that fear and becoming more confident in myself and my abilities to speak on stage."

Dr. Karen Litzy
Speaker and Physical Therapist and Pain Expert

I’m Ready to Become a Life-Changing Speaker!

Having anxiety about speaking doesn’t mean you can’t become a transformational public speaker. But here’s where most could-be-great speakers run into trouble...

Many up-and-coming speakers simply hope they’ll eventually get over those anxieties and magically transform into the life-changing speaker they want to be—without ever taking action or getting support.

But people can’t HOPE their way into becoming a great speaker!

The secret to giving a great talk is surprisingly simple but absolutely revolutionary: You have to treat your talk as a performance.

If you truly want to…

Change lives

Make an impact

Connect with your audience at a heart-level

Get asked back to speak again and again

Earn that sought-after standing ovation

...That requires TECHNIQUE. Discipline. A soul-level commitment to delivering the important story you feel called to share. And that’s where I come in.

"Tricia has helped me go from feeling like an amateur to “hell yeah, I’m good at this!” She is SO FANTASTIC at what she does. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, consider yourself lucky."

Theresa Nguyen
Speaker and Founder of More Time More You


The Speaker Success Kit for Transformational Public Speaking
The Proven Method For Developing Your Performance Technique, So You Can Become a Life-Changing Public Speaker.

Secrets funnel

When you implement the winning practices of these three successful speakers share, into your work, and are able to refer to the guides I have put together on performance evaluation, along with the step by step process of how and why an application gets chosen, you will become the speaker who does more than speaks. You will become the speaker who transforms lives.

This is for You Whether You’ve…

  • Taken One Stage or 100 Stages
  • Spoken to Huge Crowds, or Just to a Few Small Audiences
  • Developed a Big idea, or are Still Figuring Out Your Important Story

What’s Inside The Speaker Success Kit for Transformational Public Speaking?

(Secrets of The Big Talk)

The Speaker Success Collection

The Speaker Success Collection includes a series of worksheets and guides designed to teach you exactly how to deliver a successful signature talk, so you can step onto any big stage with confidence!

  • Expert Secrets for a Captivating Performance - Formula for captivating any audience with a few key strategies I’ve used to train A-list actors and award-winning speakers!
  • 6 Easy Steps To Researching Events or Organizations - Learn how to pick the best events for YOU, so your application and performance preparation energies are always well-spent.
  • What You Should Never Do from Stage - This guide will teach you how to avoid the most common performance killers. (You may be surprised by some of these!) 
  • Understanding Your Audience Template - Use this template to gather the information that will help you create a deeper emotional connection with your audience during your performance.
  • Constructive Self-Evaluation Checklist -This checklist walks you through critiquing your own performance, so you can easily identify and eliminate any bad habits that might distract from your story.
  • YouTube Guide: Getting Ready For ‘The Red Circle’ - This training outlines how speakers can pick a stage, apply for an opportunity, and prepare for stepping in that esteemed ‘red circle’—or onto any dream stage!

3 Behind-the-Scenes Interviews With Successful Speakers on Their Success Practices

Get the expert practices advice from former clients: 

  • Andrew Bennett (“Practical Magic” and “What We Speak Is What We Create - The Magic of Words”)
  • Dr. Alexandra Solomon (“Relational Self Awareness: The Key to Navigating Modern Love”)
  • Robin Joy Meyers. (“The Science of Loneliness & Isolation”)

In this exclusive interview series, these three experts share their best tips on applying, preparing, and performing in ‘the red circle’, so you can learn from their experiences and borrow their expertise during your own big talk.

Expert Interviews of Successful Speakers and How They Prepared to Step into the Red Circle

Ever wonder, how great speakers prepare for their big talks? In these revealing interviews, we break down three speakers’ practice, process, and performance habits, showing you EXACTLY how they went from the page to the stage.

Plus, Don’t Miss This Never-Before-Seen Bonus Speaker Bundle!

BONUS #1: How to Manage Nerves Video Series

In this series, I interview two incredible Broadway and Hollywood performers to uncover their best strategies for managing and working through nerves during a performance. Featuring an exclusive conversation with...

  • Antuan Magic Raimone (the Universal Swing of Broadway’s Hamilton)
  • Sarah Montana (a Hallmark Channel screenwriter and former opera singer) 

BONUS #2: Script Analysis Collection

Analysis of 10 Standout Big Talks
Detailed breakdowns of successful performances that can lead to major breakthroughs—especially for speakers who are working on moving from average to excellent! Also receive an analysis of 10 standout Big Talks, where we’ll discuss what each speaker did well and uncover how you can use this information to prepare for your own big talk.

In-Depth Analysis of Dr. Myriam Sidibe’s Big Talk Application
Dr. Myriam Sidibe is one of the world's leading experts on brands that drive health outcomes through mass behavioral change. This analysis will unpack how Dr. Sidibe’s application might help you understand how you, too, can stand out among a sea of applicants all vying for the same stage.

Just like an athlete, great speakers are always in training. That’s why The Secret Success Kit for Public Speakers is meant for all speakers, new and seasoned.

...There are people out there WAITING to hear YOUR story, the way only YOU can tell it! And when you have access to this Speaker Success Kit, Secrets of The Big Talk, you will move from being a good speaker to being a great speaker.

If you have a desire to become a life-changing speaker, it’s because you are meant to have a bigger impact.

By owning your purpose, you inspire others to own their purpose too.

If you feel called to take the stage, then it’s your responsibility to share your message…

...And learning to effectively deliver that message through public speaking doesn’t have to mean expensive trainings or fancy coaching programs!

Hi, I’m Tricia Brouk.

I’m an international, award-winning director, author, and producer who believes everyone has a story to tell—and I’m on a mission to help you tell yours, with impact.

I’m the former executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From …

  • Personally appearing on stages like the Paris Opera House, the Vienna Opera House, Lincoln Center in New York City, the Palermo Opera House, and countless others.
  • Curating incubator events like the Speaker Salon in New York City
  • Producing events like Speakers Who Dare in New York City
  • To my recent wins as Top Speaker Coach in Yahoo Finance and Top Director of 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals...

I bring over 30 years of experience producing and directing TV, film, and theater to the table.

These experiences earned me my reputation as the woman who can fine-tune story, and dial-up performance like few others can. 

My purpose is to help people find their voice, so they can share important messages and help make the world a better place.

Whether I’m working with household names like Christopher Walken, Bobby Cannavale, or Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, or with first-time speakers, one thing remains true…

I believe that EVERYONE has a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help yours be heard.

As the executive producer of several recognized and world renowned events, I can personally attest—the most transformational talks are given by speakers who understand the craft of performance. It all starts with...

Developing your performance technique

Understanding what it takes to stand out in the speaking industry

Getting onto the right stage

...Pssstttt... All things my behind-the-scenes tips can make much, much easier for you!

"Working with Tricia has enabled me to think about speaking in an entirely fresh way. Her methods in the art of the big talk changed my approach to writing and speaking. Being vulnerable and radically honest with the audience, creates powerful and memorable presentations. I will be applying this process in all my future talks."

Jason Harris
CEO of Mekanism

"The Great thing about working with Tricia is that she challenged me to make my speech more personal, to make it more in-depth. To bring people into the world of the young, Black man."

LeRon Barton
TEDxWilsonPark Speaker, Author & Advocate

Even if you’ve only ever spoken on smaller stages so far, your talks CAN impact lives. Somewhere out there, someone needs to hear what you have to say, exactly the way only you can say it.

But it starts with developing your performance technique, understanding what it takes to stand out in the speaking industry, and getting onto the right stage—all things that my behind-the-scenes tips can make much, much easier for you.

Why Would I Share Behind-the-Scenes Information For Just $27?

As a director and producer, I’ve realized my passion for helping others share stories that can change the world. Inclusion, curiosity, excellence, respect, and love motivate me to help aspiring speakers connect with the audiences who need them.

That’s why I’m passionate about working with speakers at all levels, including...

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Advocates
  • Mentors
  • Teachers
  • Thought Leaders
  • Change-Makers
  • Way-Showers
  • Positive Disruptors of All Types

...Because I believe these people—people like you—can impact the lives of millions, regardless of the amount of speaking experience they have.

Right now, you’re faced with a challenge. You want to become a life-changing, successful speaker—but do you have…

A technique for being consistently captivating from every stage?

Insider tips to help you manage nerves before and during a performance?

A clear plan for identifying and breaking bad habits?

Strategic resources from someone who gets it—who wholeheartedly believes in your ability to make it as a transformational speaker?

Don’t Worry! I Developed an Easy, Accessible Solution to Help You Overcome EVERYTHING We’ve Talked About So Far...So No Matter Where You’re Starting From, You Can Become a Confident, Transformational Public Speaker Who Understands the Secret to Changing Lives From the Stage.

Sound Impossible??
The Speaker Success Kit for Transformational Public Speaking (Secrets of the Big Talk) Makes It Possible to ...

  • Learn how to deliver a memorable performance
  • Learn the preparation and strategy it takes to connect to your audience.
  • Master rehearsal techniques, and embody confidence saying goodbye to nerves
  • Develop a speaker mindset practice that will guarantee ongoing success.
  • Become a charismatic speaker who receives a standing ovation.
  • Learn how to write , a winning application and get chosen for big stages..

...Develop Into the Transformational, Life-Altering Speaker You Were Meant to Be!

Get Instant Access - Just $27

The Speaker Success Kit for Transformational Public Speaking
The Proven Method For Developing Your Performance Technique, So You Can Become a Life-Changing Public Speaker.

Secrets funnel

Total Value: $997

Yours Today For $27

Right Now, You Have the Opportunity to Get Instant Access to the Best Performance Practices, Insider Expertise on Exactly What It Takes to Go From “Good Speaker” to “Life-Changing Speaker”...

For Just $27!

But This Offer Won’t Last Forever.

The Speaker Success Kit for Transformational Public Speaking & The Bonus Speaker Bundle are packed with $997 worth of game-changing guides, worksheets, trainings, and analysis that can put you on the fast track to delivering a transformational big talk every time you take a stage.

For a limited time, I’m offering this package at the unbelievably low price of just $27, because I believe at my core that the world is in need of more human connection and transformational storytelling right now.

That said, though, I can’t keep the price this low forever. The typical investment for speakers who want access to my unique skill set is six figures. So if you’ve been dreaming of stepping into that ‘red circle’ and are looking for someone who could help make it happen … I’m here, and I’m on your side.

Still Not Convinced? Check Out These Success Stories!

Antesa Jensen
TEDxRushU Speaker, Author and Emotional Intellegence Expert

Dr. Wayne Pernell
TEDxRutgersCamden Speaker, author and Breakthrough leadership coach

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this help someone who’s only spoken on a few small stages? Yes! This bundle was designed to help seasoned speakers and up-and-comers alike. When it comes to speaking at big events, your passion and commitment to transforming the lives of your audience are wayyy more important than your experience.

2. I’m already a seasoned speaker. Can this teach me anything I don’t already know? Absolutely! I’ve trained A-list actors and award-winning speakers who’ve shared stages with Tony Robbins. Not to toot my own horn, but I know what I’m doing—and if you’re experiencing any of the inconsistency, confidence issues, or desire to simply be better described on this page, Secrets of the Big Talk can help you meet your goals.

3. Is there anyone this offer is specifically NOT for? Of course—although if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably in the clear! Speakers who are intimidated by “doing the work” and just want the fastest shortcut to getting onto big stages or hacks to manipulate their audience (eww!) won’t be a good fit for this bundle. Likewise, if you’re only looking to make sales from the stage or bask in the applause, I’m not the right mentor for you. The speakers I work with have MUCH bigger missions.  

4. What makes this different from other speaking offers? Most bundles in the public speaking space are created by coaches who don’t have a personal connection with producing events. I’m not only interested in helping you polish your presentation—I help you get clear on how to perform an unforgettable talk because mastering the art of performance is the key to giving a truly transformative talk.

5. Will this bundle get me booked on a big stage? I can’t make that promise and I would never put my integrity on the line for the sake of a sale. What I will say, though, is that this bundle will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to perform magnetically from a big stage, which you can’t find anywhere else. If you put the work in and follow these strategies, they can absolutely help move the needle closer to your goal.

6. Is there a refund policy? Due to the extremely high value being offered here ($997 worth of materials for just $27!), we’re unable to provide refunds—but frankly, no one’s ever asked for one! What you’re getting here is a 98% discount on some of the most transformational materials I’ve developed during my 30-year career as an esteemed director, author, and producer. If this helps you reach even one of your speaking goals (which I know it can), then you can rest assured that you got the strategies you needed to take your next step, for less than the cost of dinner for two.

One Last Thought Before You Go …

Now that we’ve made it almost to the bottom of this page, you have all the information you need to decide whether The Speaker Success Kit for Transformational Public Speaking is the right opportunity for you.

If you’re still on the fence, I want to remind you…

No matter what that self-critical voice in your head is saying right now, your story IS powerful enough to change lives.

The secret lies in developing the right technique & honing your craft as a performer. That’s something I’ve helped thousands of speakers do over the last 30 years, and if you’re willing to say yes to this opportunity, I can help you too.

The journey to moving from good to great starts with a single step. 

Let’s take it together.

I’ll see you inside.

Instant Access—Just $27!

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